Google and the starter kit

Google has announced today in the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas that a new package of Google applications will be available worldwide. The new applications, called collectivelly "Google pack" is a set of programs to simplify the life of web users.

Most of the programs of the packet, including Firefox, Adobe acrobat reader, and Google talk, were previously freely available in the Internet. Google, however, promisses that they will be made much easier to use.

I sincerely don't understand what is the great advantage of this new package. Maybe Google wants to help the poor clueless people that don't know, or don't know how to download this software, but all remaining 99% of the web users will have this software already. Maybe the great advantage is interoperability, but in this case it is difficult to justify why the programs are from different companies.

Maybe is just my lack of strategic thinking, but I don't see.

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