Google adds new features to Google maps

Google maps is probably one of the most successful web sites created by Google in the last few years. As recently noted, few features other than the search engine itself are a killing for Google, but Google maps has done pretty well to keep the high moral for the guys at Google.

The new features released recently involve mostly tweaks in the user interface, with little changes that will make the user experience even better.

The most perceptible change in the web site is the addition of new underline tabs. They are labeled "search the map", "find businesses", and "get directions", and represent the three main uses of Google maps (also known as Google local). It is interesting to notice that this is a new element of the user interface that may well migrate into other Google web sites -- maybe in the future the Google engine will have its own tabs for different features.

The next improvement is the zooming options. Now, you can speed up the zooming process by double clicking. A double click means "increase zoom". A double click + control button means "reduce zoom" or "zoom out".

With these two features, Google shows that it is constantly working to improve the user experience in its web sites. We hope that such user-focused approach will continue for a long time.

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