Google Improves Firefox Toolbar

The Google toolbar provides very handy options for web users, and is nowadays almost a required piece of software for PC users (if you don't have it, I recommend the download of the GooglePack, which includes the Google toolbar among other things).

BookmarksThe Google toolbar exists or IE and for Firefox, but the Firefox version has long been behind the IE version. Google is now using the oportunity not only to improve the Firefox version of the toolbar, but also to provide more options, which will be welcome by users.
One of the innovative functions of the toolbar is to open MS Office files directly on Google Docs & Spreadsheets. In the past, you had to first to copy files to the desktop and then import those files on the Google Docs web site. This is not necessary anymore, as the toolbar will handle this automatically.

This is the most interesting download of the day: go ahead and get the new Google toolbar for Firefox.


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