Google has a deal with Motorola on mobile phones

According to the Telegraph, Google just completed an agreement with Motorola to become the main search page for all their phones. The deal is supposed to be made public during the keynote given by Larry Page Friday on the consumer electronics show.

The Telegraph says that

Google is understood to have struck a global deal with US handset maker Motorola that will see the internet search engine appear as an icon on the screen of millions of mobiles when users turn them on.

If this is true, it will be a huge step forward for Google into the dominance of web search in the wireless computing area. Earlier last year they introduced key services for mobile search, and have already a deal with Opera, the largest maker of embedded web browsers. This new agreement will only cement the position and will make it difficult for competing companies such as Yahoo and Microsoft, which are still trying to get a foot on the fixed-wire search market.

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