Google is thinking on your health

Google is not only about technology: the latest post of the Google Blog discusses the effects of change in our quality of life.

They present statistics showing more than 40% of reduction in mortality is caused by diet changes. In other good news, more than 14% of the health improvement is caused by the moderate consume of alcohol.

They conclude:

The reduction in mortality from coronary artery disease is the same if not better with lifestyle or dietary changes as it is with medications. Other things to consider (but not analyzed in this study) are that lifestyle changes, such as more physical activity, don't produce bad side effects -- well, maybe a little sweat, but all medications may have some side effects. And certainly the cost of exercise vs. medication is lower too. So whether you're a Googler or not, let's all be visionaries not just about our work, but about our own bodies and souls.

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