Google may release a competitor for iTunes

After adding video to its offers, the next step is music -- and a competitor to iTunes. This is the analysis of Bearn Sterns, an investment company that rates the Google stock as "outperforming".

The analyst of Bear Sterns believe that Google is preparing a new service that may be presented within the next 3 to 6 months. This new service would put Google in direct competition with Apple, which created the popular iTunes software.

Using the infrastructure available for video downloads, it would in fact be easy for Google to provide a similar web site for the download of music files. The biggest problem, however, would be the acquisition of distribution licenses for music from the recording companies. Certainly Google may be able to do this, but it would probably take more time than to complete the necessary code.

From the Forbes article:

"We would expect Google to rollout a Beta service within 3 to 6 months. We note that Google has not confirmed our expectations, and that our thinking is based on Mosaic theory," said Peck. "However, we do think this fits with Google's recent moves and its ultimate goal of organizing the world's information."


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