Google release is not too little, it is just enough

More about the Googlepack and Larry Page's talk on CES. Some people have complained that the announcement was not anything great as was advertised by the media and the Blogosphere. For example

Some bloggers got busy offering their takes on the new video service and software package. Others, however, seemed uninspired in a collective, "That's it? What was all the hype about?"

What most people forget, however, is that it would be really strange if Google acted different this time. This company is not about big annoucements, as Microsoft and Apple are very well known to do. Google has always been building things silently and releasing them without warnings.

This is the reason I think Larry Page did only what he was supposed to do, not what the media want the hear from him. It is better that Google keep this way, and let the good stuff appear when it is ready, instead of rushing it for no good reason.

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