Google video has a great start

As I said before, Google video started recently, and is already making a splash: Google is announcing the support of dozens of video sources for the service. Now you can watch a great number of videos for varying prices (including Hollywood movies) without leaving home.

In the worlds of our friends in the Google blog:

When we launched our Upload Program earlier this year, people sent in a huge number of free and compelling videos. But since there's a ton of video that can't be offered for free, we built the Google Video store to give content owners the option to charge for downloads if they'd like. This means producers large and small can distribute their great content in an easy, secure way. Some of your favorite prime time and classic TV shows, sports, music videos, and documentaries are at your fingertips. Want to see how Shaq scored 30 points last night? Download and watch it (and every NBA game for the rest of the season) through Google Video.

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