Google video store opened today!

Today, Google video store entered in operation. The main change is the display options of video: a new drop box show the option of "browsing video for sale". The first videos that I see are the CBS series such as Star Trek Voyager, NBA games (Classic game Lakers @ Clippers) $3.95 a piece, and some other old movies from Warner Bros and Twentieth Century Fox.

Sadly enough, one of the movies I saw can only be sold on Windows 2000 or Windows XP, which makes me wonder if the technology used in Google video store is cross platform or Windows only.

The prices I have seen don't look very good. $5.95 for an old movie like "Yes Nurse, No Nurse" (seems to be a german one) doesn't seem very cheap. I hope they will give better prices in the future. otherwise I doubt that many people will be ready to spend money on this...

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