Google starting with social bookmarking

Social bookmarking is a practice that is becoming standard in most web 2.0 applications. The idea is that if users can label, or mark, specific pages, there will be a way to measure the popularity of a page. The first strong proponent of this was, but it has since been used by several other web 2.0 services.

Now it seems that Google is starting to enter the bandwagon. And it is doing this with the Google reader, the site that allows users to read any feed they might be interested in.

According to the Google reader blog, you can now share your stared items, so other people will have access to the articles you think are interesting. This works in a way similar to, which allows users to see what others have tagged.

It is an interesting starting for social bookmarks in Google, I hope we have many other cool ideas coming from them in this area.


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