Google improves its search appliance

Google announced it is improving its search appliance to work as a general search portal for companies. With the new product, companies can plug into databases (such as Oracle) and perform queries using the well known search syntax.

This product has a great potential -- It can simplify the life of everyone that needs to find corporate data, without worring about query formats, databases, interfaces, etc.

From the Google blog:

Google OneBox for Enterprise is cool because it takes a completely understood and tested design metaphor and extends it to another domain. Um, what I meant to say was, employees already know how to get movie listings, weather forecasts, and flight information through simple Google queries. So it won't surprise them (in fact it may delight them) to learn that they can get real-time contact info, sales forecasts, and customer information the very same way. We launched an initial set of OneBox modules with Oracle, Cognos, SAS and; some of these partners talk about that here.

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