Google explain its position about click fraud

Click fraud is well known to be one of the few weaknesses of the Adwords systems. Since the Adwords system is payed by the number of clicks, click fraud happens simply when somebody decides to click ads without the clear intention of seen the information, but only waste the advertiser's money. And it is not so easy (despite the effort made by Google and many others) to detect when this happens in 100% of the cases.

Because of this, Google is always careful when talking about the possibility and the effects of click fraud. This time, somebody misquoted the Google's CEO Eric Schmidt as saying that they could just let click fraud happen, and economic forces alone would make it disappear.

It turns out that this is not what he meant, and is not the policy of Google. The company clearly wants to make everyone sure that click fraud does not happen with them, and that they are fighting against this practice.

In this entry of the Google blog, the Business Product Manager for Trust & Safety of Google (and from the title you see how important click fraud is for the company) reassures advertisers and the public in general that the company is not "letting it happen", but instead fighting the issue of click fraud with all the technological tools they have at their disposal.


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