Gmail little know tips from Google

Gmail is a well known web 2.0 application that can handle all types of email needs. I personally use Gmail to read and write email daily, and I am very satisfied with is user experience. However, like all web 2.0 services, Gmail is not static. It is evolving nicely, and almost every month there are a few new features that are worth of notice.

Google has recently stressed some of these nice features that are almost forgot, but that can improve the user experience to whole new levels. Among them are:

  • Dynamic update of messages: when a new message in your current thread is received, Gmail now presents a little information, which allows you to reload the list of messages in your conversation.
  • Replying by chat: this gives everyone the opportunity to interact in real-time. If you want to talk to your buddies, instead of just leaving a cold email message, you have many more opportunities with this feature.
  • Attachment handling: The is one of the most interesting features of gmail for me. Whenever I see a MS word or pdf attachment, I don't need to download them and call my local viewer. Gmail can show a web-based version of those files, so I can quickly decide if they are interesting or not. No virus, not additional time spent.
And, of course, the storage space is still always increasing...

What do you think is the most interesting feature of Gmail?

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Anand said...

One another great thing is that you never need to check for updates...the status bar always shows it dynamically..

Carlos said...

Yes, that is true. I wonder if other web mail companies will ever do something so simple and useful. All I see in other places is bloated software...