Google News improves its interface to publishers

If you are a content owner and would like to have your articles included in Google news, here is a good news for you: the interface to Google news content generation has been improved.

Google is doing this as a continuation of their effort to revamp the site feeds option. Web masters will have less trouble to keep their content updated. This will certainly improve the quality of the results generated by Google news. It seems like a win-win situation.

From the Google blog:

Now, English-language publishers who are currently included in Google News will be able to use their existing feeds -- or define a more advanced Sitemap of their current news articles -- to tell us exactly which articles they'd like us to crawl. While they've always been able to use technical solutions such as robots.txt to govern which portions of their sites Google crawls and indexes, this will give publishers more granular tools to tell our crawlers exactly what should be included.

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