Google helps to combat spam

Spam is the big problem everyone has when dealing with email. It is so easy to send email to other people that spammers have used the opportunity to send unintended messages to everyone in the planet. It is known that around 80% of the emails in the world are just spam.

Google is fighting hard aggains spammers. Its flagship email service, Gmail, has been effective in maintaining inboxes clean from spam.

Google has a software package, Googlepack, which can help your computer run much better, despite of the widespread viruses and malicious emails. You should download Googlepack today.

Google is also collaborating with legislators. According to the Google blog, spammers that use the system to improve stock prices will be hurted. Stocks with such problems can be take of the market. It is only a beginning, but it is a good initiative from the market and institutions that should not tolerate spam anymore.

It is good to see that Google is doing its part. Users should also do its part and report spam frequently. This is the best way to keep our inboxes clean.

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