The fast rising

If you follow the money talk in the TV and newspapers, you will see that everybody is asking one question: how long will the price of Google shares continue to climb? The same question was asked one year ago, when the prices were still $85 per share. Now, that this value is more than four times the original, the question is even more important.

A macword article discusses why this trend continues and the reasons why it should not stop so soon.

One of the reasons is that, compared to other Internet companies, it is much more profitable than any of its competitor. In its main market, which is on-line advertisement, Google is ever increasing its market share. At the same time, companies like Yahoo are seeing their market share decrease.

Another comparison is made with Microsoft. Although MS had a very strong growth in its first twenty years, it was not nearly as profitable as Google is at this point. The article should be read; it very interesting to understand some of the reasons why such an increadible growth is happening.

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