Europe wants to fight the "threat" of Google

Google is well known for being the number one search engine, and since recently, the number one accessed web site in the world. But it is not without worries that world has seen this emergence.

A recent article from PC Pro shows that the European nations are aprehensive with the perspective of Google dominating not only the web but also the whole world of digital information.

Financial Times reported recently in article that "the French President in his New Year speech describing Project Quaero - Latin for 'I seek'". The project is being funded by the top European nations, including Germany and France.

It remains to see how Government funded projects will be able to compete with a giant company that has market capitalization almost the same as the PIB of small countries. Google has proved to be a moving target during its seven years of existence, and it is difficult to see how a research project can avoid the dominance they have on the search arena.

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