Fun: New Google competitor is a patriot

This funny web site is a patriot web search, which will help the government to get information about your search patterns. It was created as an answer the denial of Google in comply with the Justice request for information from its search service.

According to the web site, the patriot search "mission is to provide the best possible search engine to you while at the same time, making sure the government is informed should you search for something obscure, illegal, or unpatriotic."

See other funny parts of the site:

Why not just use Google, Yahoo, or other search engines?

Other search engines often do not share your data immediately upon government request, thereby endangering the safety of your country and the well-being of you and your family. In a specific recent case, only 4 out of 5 search engines allowed the government to see "private" user data!

Our Search Syntax

Here at Patriot Search, you can just go ahead and enter something in the search box and let us figure out what you mean. However, there are also a few advanced search operators that help you refine your query for better results and more precise government analysis.

The Terrorist Operator

By typing terrorist:true preceding any search query, you tell us and the governments of the world that you are in fact a terrorist, or involved in terrorist activity, or planning to get involved in such activity, or that you once met a terrorist (or you met someone who met a terrorist). If you are no terrorist, you can type terrorist:false.

Please note that "true" is the default value if you omit the "terrorist" operator – after all, everyone is a potential terrorist.

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