Justice seeks information from Google

Due to a controversial case being fight on the courts, the justice is requiring Google to provide a listing of searches from its Web site. The requirement is for Google to provide a "random sampling" of web addresses and search requests from its search site.

It seems that Google is not willing to provide this information. But imagine what can happen if the Justice decides that Google must supply the listing! We will have not only all our information at the disposal of Google, but this precedent will allow any court case to get data about Internet users' habits and interests.

If everybody accepts this, in the future Google may become the vehicle for the "big brother"; the US government may think they have to right to access the information stored by Google and use it to "do evil", even against Google "don't be evil" moto.

I hope Google and US courts reach a reasonable agreement to avoid this kind of violation of the Internet users' rights.

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