Google drops South African search engine

Google is the most extensive web index in the world, but is not the only. It is interesting, however, to see what happens when an index is not even indexed by Google.

This is the situation for the South african search index "Jonga". Although a young site, Jonga receives a lot of traffic from south africa. Several searchs for South Africa terms in Google used to show Jonga pages.

But recently, Google results are not showing Jonga anymore, for unknown reasons. According to The Mail & Guardian Online:

Web users searching for South Africa's newest search engine, Jonga, on Google are more likely to find an Indian army 4x4 vehicle, a South African tour company or the genealogy of a German whose name is "Jonga". That is, if they find it at all.

One probable answer is that the web site is in the so-called "sand box", a period that Google gives to young web sites to stabilize before they appear consistently in the search results. The sand box is also used to prevent the use of search engine optimization (SEO) techniques.

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Paul said...

I just did a post on a new local search engine which will give Jonga quite a go. At the risk of promoting my own blog, here is my post on the search engine:

There are a few local search engines that are covering the South African web quite comprehensively.

At the same time, it is disappointing that Google South Africa has not indexed the local web as well as it could have.