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CNET News gives a nice description of the talks that have circulated lately about Google entering the hardware market with a new computer of its own. According to the article, the rumors started with a column by Robert Cringely, describing a new Google project that was developing a "mobile" data center, that would have a massive amount of computing (something such as 5000 processors).

Such a device would be used to provide processing power on demand for small wireless devices, that would be in some way subsidized by Google for users that wanted to connect to its network.

The story developed with the recent report by the LA Times that Google would introduce a new personal computer with its own operating system, something that was recently denied by an official Google press release.

The story, however, is not over. It seems that Google has a great interest in hardware solutions for home connectivity, and nobody knows for sure how this will be made concrete. It is certain that Google has a large know-how on making hardware devices for particular purposes, such as the Google search appliance, and their own computers running on huge processing farms. It reamins to be known when and what kind of product they are going to release for the public.

Given the credibility that Google is achieving in the last few years, a product for home use would be very enticing for the general public, and maybe a great advantage in the competition for additional market share in the Internet access and advertisement market.

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