Google may be moving into the PC market

The rummor of the week was spread by the LA Time, with an story about the Industry Feeling Presence of the 800-Pound Google . According to the paper, there is a strong possibility that Google is going to announce it own computer, either alone or in partnership with a PC manufacturer. The machine would be sold on Walmart stores worldwide with a new OS, developed by Google itself.

The move, although difficult to believe as true, would put Google on route against Microsoft for the dominance of the desktop. The new operating system would be based on industry standards, most probably based on Unix/Linux technology, and support all most commond Internet media formats.

According to the story, the announcement of such a deal would happen as soon as this Friday, so we won't need to wait much to see what truth there is there. It would certainly be interesting news... but what do you think of its likelihood?

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