Google is beefing up its ad empire - radio is next target

Google is advancing its advertisement empire: this is the certain conclusion you reach after the announcement today that Google is investing up to 1.2 billion dollars in a radio advertisement company based on California.

According to Associated Press sources, the deal will involve the payment of 100 million dollars up front, with the remaining to be paid in three years, depending on the conditions set.

The main business of dMarc Broadcasting is to simplify the scheduling of radio ads by letting individual advertisers decide when ads are going to be aired.

If you look at the role that such a company can have on Google, it is clear that the Santa Clara giant is looking at smart ways to advance its Adwords and Adsense programs to new media, in this case the radio.

A similar approach could latter be used by Google to schedule TV ads -- at this point Google would have an advertisement system that covers the web, the print media (it already works with magazines and newspapers), the radio and TV.

I wonder how competing advertisement companies will cope with this. Maybe Yahoo may be interested in taking a similar route, but it simply lacks the amount of money Google has to make the right deals. Microsoft is not a credible player in this market at the level Google is playing. So the question is: who can compete with Google as the global advertisement giant?


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