Google is the number one in traffic

Google may be the number one search web site in the internet, but this doesn't mean that it was the most viewed site. In fact other sites such as yahoo and MSN have been ahead of Google in terms of number of visits, what can be explained by the content in those sites.

It was recently noted, however, that Google has now become the number one web site in number of page views. According to Alexa the number of pages accessed in the Google web site surpassed yahoo at the beginning of this year, with almost 300 thousand visits per day.

So, after all, Google is really the top web site in the world. There may be several reasons for this, such as:
* the constant media focus on the company in the last days;
* the addition of new content areas to the "personalized" Google page;
* lack of popularity of yahoo and MSN.

Certainly it is difficult to determine what is the real cause for the peak of page visits, but is definitely a good sign for Google, especially when it need to increase even more the reach of its advertisement program.

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Bjorn said...

The lack of popularity of Yahoo and MSN? Yahoo is the larget media company in the world...