Google toolbar is updated (for IE only)

Google announced today a new revamped version of its popular toolbar. Now, if you still have to use the underperforming IE browser, you have at your disposal the flexibility of the new Google toolbar to help you.

The main advantages of the new toolbar are in the increased flexibility and look and feel. For example, you can now add buttons for your preferred web sites, and customize the buttons using a simple API released by Google.

The Official Google Blog describes the new toolbar in the following way:

As the Google Toolbar has gotten more popular, the greatest source of ideas about new features has come from our users. The breadth and variety of these requests is so large that it's hard to satisfy everyone. But then we started noticing engineers on the team had cool hacks on their Toolbars for doing customized searches on our internal bugs database, corporate employee directory, etc... We were barely done asking ourselves whether it was possible to offer this capability in the new Google Toolbar beta when one of the engineers started designing a feature called Custom Buttons.
It is nice to see that Google bar is progressing, but it is sad to see that the initial versions are targeted to IE instead of Firefox. While this make business sense, Google should give equal priority to the millions of users of its preferred browser: Firefox. I hope this development will close in the near future.

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