Browsing Google with TouchGraph

TouchGraph is a software that was create to allow easy visualization of graphs. The relationship between a group of people, such as writers, actors in hollywood, or players in basketball can be represented as a graph, with nodes (elements) and links (relationships).

The web pages in the Internet can also be represented in this way. Each web page has a set on incoming and outgoing links, which represent the existing relationships among pages in the web. TouchGraph can be used to visualize this graph using information from Google.

To view Google results with TouchGraph, you first need to visit their web page an find the entry point to the Java application. In the "add URL" field you can add the address of the page you want to visualize. This will be the central web page about which information will be collected.

Using the Google search engine, TouchGraph will display the web pages that can be related to this initial address. The result will be formated and displayed as a graph of relationships.

TouchGraph is an interesting application: it may not be very useful for you, but is certainly a nice way of visualizing results from Google, and seeing the web in a new way.


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