American History on Google video

One of the advantages of Google video is the possibility of getting hard-to-find movies at the click of the mouse. If you want the newest Hollywood production or an old flick, it should become easily available over the Internet in the near future.

To prove the power of the new media, Google is using Google video to present old historical movies to new generations. They are now offering the files of the National Archives, an organization created to record the history of USA.

Now you should be able to see historical movies that were very difficult to find in the past in Google video for free. This is another opportunity for schools and individuals to learn more about the past using modern technologies.

Link via Google blog.

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Marc said...

All school aged children should see most of these video at least once.

We have put link to some of them over on our site to encourage discussion.

glyn moody said...

Absolutely all school-aged children? Or perhaps just those in the US...?