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Google base has been hailed in the past as the Google answer to eBay. Although the Google service has not been so prominent as eBay, it has had its share of success, with millions of people using the free opportunity to host information about products they may be selling around the world.

Now, Google is going one step further with Google base by enabling direct payment through a Google-hosted account. This means that now Google base users can not only locate products to buy or sell, they can also make transactions online. This certainly makes the Google service look much more as a competitor to eBay then it initially looked.

Although the auction process used by eBay is much more flexible, you can now in practice use Google base as the unique web site needed to display and sell your products. Initially, this may work just as a complement to eBay and other auction sites. But this is a first sign that Google is really committed to offer web-based trading to its customers. It will be interesting to see how the public react to this new possibility opened up by Google.

Link via Google blog
Link via Google base blog

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