Google provides email for institutions

Gmail has been a very reliable and friendly email tool for millions of web users. The advantages of the search strategy for organization and the large amount of available memory have made Gmail the service of choice for most users.

Now, Google wants to make gmail available not only for personal users, but also for companies. The first test of the new option was announced today in the Google blog:

San José City College (SJCC) has embarked on a technology improvement program, and for the first time will be offering student email accounts. That's where we come in. We're testing a new service with the school by hosting Gmail accounts with SJCC domain addresses (like, plus admin tools for efficient account management. Massive storage and features that tame the most unruly inboxes, like powerful mail search, conversation view for messages, and a fast interface, make Gmail very handy for students.
Not only the San José City College can take advantage of this, however. Any company can request Google to become its email host. Even the web address of the email will follow the domain structure of the original institution. This means that companies can have for free the access to an industrial strength email system -- just for the amount of new page view that will be generated for Google.

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