Google launches Gtalk on Gmail

As we have been mentioning previously, Google is integrating Gmail and Gtalk using a common interface to allow Gmail users to connect to their Gtalk accounts. Now Google is confirming that the new feature will become available in the Gmail web site starting in the next few days.

According to the Google blog:

When we launched Google Talk, some people told us what a great idea it'd be to add chat to Gmail. True that. So a couple of us Google Talk engineers approached the Gmail team. They were excited about the idea, and we got to work immediately -- spending a lot of not-so-lazy Sundays huddled in a conference room.
So, as the result of the Sunday meetings of Google's engineers we will have access to Gtalk from our email accounts. This looks like pretty good work!...

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Quick update: my account now shows that Gtalk conversations can be saved in the Gmail account. The contacts and chat windows is still not available -- according to the status message it is "comming soon".

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