Google Fights Global warming

Global warming is a problem of everyone, which is each day claiming more victms. As the "company that is not evil", Google decided to make good, and help fighting the global problem.

In collaboration with several school, Google paid for a whole page ad in the USA today to present ideas to control global warming. The ideas were created by children using Google software, including Google docs and Google spreadsheet.

According to them:

Hundreds of students from more than 20 countries recently brainstormed ideas on combating climate change -- and they did it online using Google Docs & Spreadsheets. The kids had a blast coming up with solutions to address climate change, and we had a blast reading through their ideas and selecting the top 50 to feature on the Google Educators site.

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Anonymous said...

Greetings from Finland!

Nice to see this activity, well done Google and GSN!

Global warming is global thinking and action in the ENO Programme, a virtual school for sustainable development. There are hundreds of ENO schools in 90 countries.

We have just launched a campaign against climate change in a special blog. You are welcome to join its activities, and The March Of Frogs, 17th of January 2007.

Mika Vanhanen
co-founder, co-ordinator
ENO Programme