New Features on Google Spreadsheets

The good and old spreadsheet software, it seems, has its own ways to keep reviving itself. Starting its life as a killer application for micro-computers, spreadsheets have incorporated many new and useful features. You can see that modern spreadsheet software is used not only for number crunching. From Visicalc to Excel, this is an area of software development that has improved, although keeping many of its original roots.

Google spreadsheets is a new step in this evolution. With Google spreadsheets, one can create a completely automated calculation sheet that can be used by multiple people, anywhere in the world. But today's spreadsheets are not used just to calculate: they can be used to visualize data, organize lists, and improve collaboration.

Google has announced today some new features that will make the usage of Google spreadsheets even better. One of the features is revisions: you can see exactly what modifications where made to a spreadsheet, and who did it. Another interesting addition is a web publishing feature. With that, one can post a link to the spreadsheet that can be accessed in read only mode.

Google is working hard to bring spreadsheet software to the new world of the web 2.0. I believe they are doing a good job, and the future for Google spreadsheets looks bright. Take a look, and see if you agree.


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