Google transit in LA

If you, like me, enjoys leaving your car in the garage and taking public transportation, and if you live LA, you can now have a handy help from Google to plan your trips.

Google transit allows users to take the shortest path to their destinations using bus, trains, or subways. It is not available in every major city however. Previously, it was available in Portland, and now it is also available in LA.

Given the low key status of public transportation in the US, it is always nice to have some help in finding our way.


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Anand said...

I guess now the LA local government should take up the initiative of Google and publicize it..

after all, the government stands to benefit as much as the company itself...

trumpetboy8282 said...

It's not in LA, only Burbank and Orange County. The transit system in LA is the Los Angeles County MTA (Metro).