Reading books online on Google

The Google book project, which aims at making all books available online is going on at full speed. The latest development has been in creating a better interface for reading books.

If you think that reading a whole book in the computer screen is difficult, you are absolutely right. That is why Google is making a greater effort to make the task a little more enjoyable. The new interface has new features such as full screen, which means that users are able to locate information faster.

The interface also gives more details about the book you want to see, such as sample pages and a list of main keywords for the book content. The controls for page advancing have been improved tool. Finally, you can scroll all over a book, and view pages in a two side format.

Reading books in Google books is really becoming more enjoyable with the addition of these features. Although I doubt that people will be reading many more books on the computer screen, you should check the new developments and see if you like them.


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