Google Finance gets a facelift

Of the recent products launched by Google, Google Finance is one that has received the hardest critics. Despite some of its innovative features, mostly due to the nice web programming work done by the their programmers, people have received Google Finance mostly with lack of interest, and even dissatisfaction. It is not as information-packed as its rival yahoo search, and the features it has now are not complete.

Lack of Interest

Probably because of this lack of interest, Google is pushing a facelift on the web site. First, they are getting rid of the old initial web page, where you could see mostly irrelevant information from blogs and user groups. Now, the home page shows data about the major indices, and the most traded stocks. It also shows the main financial news, updated automatically, as it is the case with Google News.

According to the entry on the Google blog,

here's what's new:

* A new homepage design which lets you see currency information, sector performance for the U.S. market, and a listing of top market movers along with the relevant and important news of the day.

* A Top Movers section highlighting most active companies by price, market cap, volume, and popularity as determined by our own Google Trends.

* More comprehensive charts, which now display up to 40 years of data for U.S. stocks.

* Richer portfolio capabilities that let you import other online portfolios to Google Finance, use different views and add transactions to make it easier to track your investments.

* A quick and easy way to add and view your Google Finance portfolios on the Google Personalized Homepage.

Despite being a step ahead, Google Finance is still not on pair with Yahoo Finance. Google may say that it is a complementary web site, but even then it doesn't attract the same level of interest. I hope, however, that they continue pushing the envelope, and probably after a few iterations we might have a really interesting financial web site from Google. This time, I think they still didn't get it.


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