Google Earth and Geographic Information

Google Earth is a truly wonderful program. It give us features that one decade ago were considered to be science fiction. Now, everyone can search the globe and view pictures of the most fascinating places with a mouse click.

Despite this, Google Earth is always improving the next feature added is integration with geographic databases. For example, one now can get information from Wikipedia when visiting a place, just by clicking an associated icon. Not only wikipedia, but other communities such as Panoramio, and the Google Earth Community are represented in this new feature.

According to the Google Earth Team:

To experience this for yourself, all you need to do is start Google Earth and explore the world. As of today you will see new icons -— the Wikipedia globe, the Panoramio star, or the information “i” of the Google Earth Community —- so just click on any of them to explore information about a place. You can also easily turn it off in the Layers panel on the lower left.


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