Google: future growth is in business customers

During the first ten years of Google, huge growth has been reported by the company based on its large base of satisfied customers. During this time, Google transformed itself from a simple web search engine into one of the most valuable web properties of all time.
These days where the end user is the target, however, might be ending. The growth levels experimented by the company in their first years seem to be unsustainable for the long run, and Google has to find some way to get the engine working. Their future as a company depends on the ability of the management in creating new business opportunities that make them even stronger.
One important step in this change is the new discuss of the CEO, Eric Schmidt. In an interview, the CEO explain that the future expansion of Google will depend fundamentally on "providing applications and other services to business customers".
This may be a gold opportunity for Google, but it all depends on how it is implemented. If this is done at the expense of end users (as has been the case of Microsoft), then the loyal customer base may just think that they are not so "cool" anymore.

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