Integrating blogger and Google Analytics

If you are a web site publisher, you frequently have the necessity of determining how each page is doing. This way one can try to improve the relevance of a page as well as providing additional information for readers.
If you use blogger, there are several ways of getting this information, but all of them involve using an external application. For example, the most popular alternative is to use Google Analytics, a web service provided by Google to collect information about page accesses in a simple and useful way.
Although Google Analytics is a good product, it still requires a manual process of connecting the blog to the analytics page, which involves copying and pasting a tracking code in html/javascript.
To simplify this process, Google is working on the integration of Blogger and Analytics. This means that you will be able to access directly in your blogger dashboard the information processed by analytics.
The announcement was made on the Analytics blog, and the product is in private beta. It will still take some time until the features is availabl  to everyone, but it is a good sign that things will become even simpler for Blogger publishers.
Source: analytics blog

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