Using Google to let people know where you are

Google has launched a few weeks ago a new service that lets people publish their current location. Known as Google latitude, the service gives information that might be useful to your friends and family.
However, even if you decide to provide location information, not every one has the software required to receive the updates. This has made some people to have some reservation about starting using Latitude.

Google is making things simple now, by displaying the information provided by the location service in other products. For example, starting now Google will be displaying location information on Google talk. This way, anyone can receive you location information with one of the Google talk clients, such as Gmail.
According to the Google Official blog:
Google Talk location status (beta) automatically updates your Google Talk or Gmail chat status message with your Latitude location. With this application enabled, all of your chat buddies can see your most recent city-level location. The Google Public Location Badge lets you publish your Latitude location on your blog or website
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