How much they are being paid to talk against Google?

An article in The Sunday Times has been released recently that looks more a piece of advertisement than serious journalism.

The article asks if it is not time to look for something new in the search world, and claims that what would be new is MSN!

According to the newspaper, Google has become very big in the last years. Changing to MSN would be an "act of rebellion". --- So what? Should we change from Google which is too big now to MS that is the biggest software company in the planet? I don't think so.

The only possible reason for changing to a different seach engine would be based on the quality of results, and this doesn't seem to be in favor of MS.

It doesn't surprise me, however, that as the "search war" escalates, people from the traditional press you receive some "incentives" from MS to induce readers to think that MSN is great. Let us just wait and see what happens.

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