Use Google to make free shopping calls!

Google is launching a new service in connection with its adwords program, called Google Click-to-Call. With click-to-call, you give your number and Google will quickly connect you with the advertiser for free.

It works like this: advertisers in this program are listed with a phone sign. By clicking on this icon, you can give you phone number, and Google will use it to connect to the advertiser. You will then receive a call and talk to the advertiser you selected.

All this is for free. Moreover, Google says that your number will never be handled directly by others, and will be destroyed quickly after the call is finished. This works free for local or long distance calls.

It seems that Google is really starting to think out of the box :-)), I mean, they are increasingly looking at innovative initiatives that do not depend on the Internet alone. Look at the new programs like transit systems scheduling, and mobile services. There is little doubt that Google wants to increase its reach beyond the Internet to any area that can be technologically improved.

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