You will get a better salary!

The avarage salary for programmers on Internet related companies has increased from 66K to 85K in five years. And much of the credit for this, according to industry analysers, is due to the agressive hiring tactics used by Google to fill its positions.

Several areas have benefited by the growth of Google in the last few years. The most prominent area core technology (programming, web design). According to San Francisco Chronicle, the Bay area jobs have benefitted the most from the increase in wages:

The rise coincides with a boom to bust to boom again in the technology industry, particularly among Internet companies. After suffering through some lean years, dot-coms are on a tear with the help of growing online advertising and e-commerce.

If you want to beef up your pay check, one of the ways is to send a resume to Google. But with so many CVs to read (approximately 15000 new resumes are on the list) you will probably need more than technical skills...

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