Map search for mobile phones

Google maps is now available for your celullar phone. This is one of the new goodies comming from Google labs.

If you need detailed information of how to go from one location to another, or where to find a good restaurant, you don't need a full-featured computer anymore. Google maps can be acessed from most commercial cell phones. The software is java based, and runs on any java-enabled mobile phone.

To access the service, you just need to download a java program to your cell phone, using the link from the google web page. Once installed, you can access the google web site using a data connection (notice that depending on your plan this may be more expensive than a normal call).

In case you cannot load a java program to your phone, you can always access the address, which is the mobile version of the google local web site. As a last resort, send a text message with your query to GOOGL (46645). They promisse to send you back an answer!...

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