Google Adsense in the streets

A funny web site presents what might be the next step for Google domination of the advertisement area: going to the streets.

The sandwich board program will allow any advertiser to buy space on sandwich boards across the country. The ads will even be contextual, so if you are close to a hospital you will see health care ads.

The article goes on explaining the advantages of the program:

According to a Google spokesperson, "the new digital sandwich board program will serve many purposes.

"First, a customer on a street passing one of these devices need only use their contactless credit card to identify themselves to the digital sandwich board and any product preferences they may have in the immediate area will instantly appear on the sandwich board."
"Second, although a large number of these new devices will be stationary, this will also provide jobs for those willing to carry the digital sandwich boards. Those carrying the boards will receive a portion of the revenue generated from any sale of a product displayed on their board."
"Third, this will clean up the look of a many a city street as all digital ads will be text only and have a uniform visual approach."
Very funny.

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