Google is one of the most searched term in Google

The search engines where created to help people finding information on the web that they didn't know. This use has propelled search engines like yahoo and google to the forefront of web fame.

However, search engines can also be used to find information about themselves. It is surprising to see that this is in fact one of the main uses of search engines, as found by a research performed by Netratings.

According to this research, among the most searched terms in the web search sites are the names of the search engines themselves, such as Google, yahoo.

The research shows that users are always trying to find better ways to get the information they need. That is, once they find how the search process works, they want always better and better results.

This is one of the reasons why search engines such as Google are always trying to improve their accuracy and algorithms. In a sense, they are developing technology that can be used against them, if they don't deliver the best results required by customers.

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