Google's position on China

Google has answered yesterday to critics about its recent annoucement of a new web site in China. Through the Google blog, the company explained its position on the search engine for the Chinese public.

As they explained, Google is still engaged in bringing the best information for all users. However, they had to decide between offering a bad service (which was the case before the launch of the Chinese web site and serving their users with a filtered content.

The decision the company took was to offer a new web site that complies with the government policies and try to attend better their customers. Although I imagine this must have been difficult to decide, it is clear that Google could not leave the Chinese market without a strong presence of its search engine -- moreover when other companies such as Yahoo and Microsoft already have taken this step.

Although it is sad to see this kind of problem occurring in a big country as China, I think that Google will still serve as a great tool that will empower Chinese people to ultimately fight against this kind of government attitudes.


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