Indian movies not free anymore on Google video

Some time ago, Indian movies companies have joined to complain about the Google video web site, for allowing copies of their movies to be freely distributed. This security breach is pretty hard for a company such as Google that wants to have the confidence of media producers worldwide.

To avoid problems like this, Google has removed all Bollywood movies from the Google video web site, as reported by the indian television website.

It is good to see that Google is trying to fix the problems in Google video as fast as possible. In the end, Google video is progressing like most other Google services: it starts very experimental and evolves as users give suggestions for new features. This is one of the things that makes Google to stand above the competition: the willingness to address problems that may occur and try to improve its services almost every day.

If the speed of improvements continue, in a few months Google video will become one of the best video stores around, which will allow it to compete with more established video distribution services such as Apple iTunes.


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