Google has a week of better news

After some weeks with a large amount of problems, both in the political (image) side as in the economical (wall street) side, it seems that the last week was good for Google.

For one, they finally got over the problem with the Department of Justice. Although Google had nothing to fear, the fact that there was a problem with the US government was a distraction and something the made investors a little fearful. The perspective of having a long fight that will not bring any gain made some people to decrease their expectations on Google.

The second reason for happiness in the Googleplex is the new activity in acquisitions and new products the company is rapidly developing. For example, the buy of writely was very good as an indicator that Google is going to fight for some of the market that is now owned by Microsoft. It will be very interesting to see Google actively pushing their online productivity software, and advertisement gains will probably increase as a result.

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