Google sued by a web site over page rank

Just when the legal troubles at Google seemed over, a new company is trying to sue Google over what they call illegal practices.

The web site, based on Norwalk, is suing Google for not being able to make into the top of the search index. According to them, Google has dropped them from the index one year ago.

Now, the web site is trying to get money to repair what they consider to be anti-competitive behavior from Google.

According to the history by sillicomvalley.coom:

Mountain View-based Google has previously defended its right to revise its search formula however it sees fit.

In 2003, Google persuaded a federal judge to dismiss a case filed by Oklahoma City-based Search King Inc. after its search ranking abruptly fell. Google argued its search ranking formula represented an opinion protected by the First Amendment, and U.S. District Judge Vicki Miles-LaGrange agreed.

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