Google provides game scores for mobile phones

Sometimes you may wonder why, given the amount of information available in the Internet, it is at times hard to find the games scores for our favorite team. You visit dozens of sports web sites and then give up in desperation - or has to spent more time to get just the little piece of information you want...

Google is trying to simplify your life again, this time providing just the small information you need: the score of games. The new functionality is available to any mobile phone user, with the help of the text message function.

To use the new service, just dial 46645 (GOOGL), and send a text message with the name of the team you want to know about. The score of games for that team will be delivered back to you almost immediately.

From the google blog announcement:

Starting today you can get up-to-the-minute sports scores and schedules using Google SMS on your mobile device. Just text message a school or team name to 46645 (GOOGL). "Why?" you ask? Because:

The big game is on tonight, and while your cable was cut 3 weeks ago, you've still got a recliner couch and a pair of battle-worn, nacho cheese-stained text messaging thumbs
Your newly purchased tickets make the nosebleeds feel like a fireside chat, and you lent your binoculars to your ornithologist cousin
You recently secured a new job, and you need to look like you're preoccupied with important business at all times

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bigBADbobby said... (44636) has been providing sports searches via mobile for over a year. Google, pshaw! They only do sports scores. With 4INFO you can search scores, player stats, game previews/recaps, standings, rankings... and, to top it all off, abandon the "search" mechanism and simply set up text alerts for score changes, game end, stat changes, and more!